Johan Schlasberg 

Strategy and organisation advisor

Problems and challenges

All organisations have more or less serious problems or challenges as it is often called in modern newspeak. It is not wrong to have problems, it is even necessary and important, even if you probably sometimes you wish they were others than those you really have.

If you, as a manager or management team, realise that you have some challenges, you can either choose to tackle these yourself - because you know the problems best yourself - or consider getting someone else's advice and experience.

About choosing a consultant

It has several advantages to choose a consultant from a large well-known company. They have great resources, and the results almost automatically convey authority. The Board of Directors, and owners normally have high confidence in large consulting companies.

However, if you are interested in working with a small consulting company, it is not the company that is of interest, but rather who or what persons you will have a dialogue with. A bit of personal chemistry is also a good ingredient.

This site is intended to give you a picture of what I might add to your situation and thinking. Some pages may even be of some value without us ever getting in touch.