Johan Schlasberg 

Recent activities

I recently finished an assignment at the pharmaceutical company Sobi in connection with a strategic change in their business model and research strategy.

Recently, I have done a comprehensive update of content and technology in my companies IDstories (stories).

I also run a start-up project BiBB, a Knowledge portal, and a new free encyclopedia that eventually will be owned by the universities in Sweden. BiBB can be seen as a social innovation.


Each assignment has an educational part, and I try to be both clear and state the reasons for the views and analyses I present. A report can be written in several ways and with different intentions, and this is one of several issues that I always discuss at the beginning of an assignment.

Fee: The most common is a fixed fee for an agreed number of issues.

List of clients.

Education and research

I have an MBA from the University of Lund, Sweden, and I was recruited to SIAR svW, which at that time was the leading management consulting organisation in Sweden. There you should consult and also do research. For several years I was a supervisor at the leadership development institute MIL

The postgraduate studies in Business Administration were finished directly. The Government's Secretariat for Future Studies published a report - Understanding Coal - one of two parts of a planned dissertation. However, then my own consultancy business and entrepreneurship took the upper hand. As I am very interested in research as a way of increasing my - and hopefully som others - understand of management and societal problems, I started writing a new thesis in 2016. It is titled 'Encyclopedias in search of a new business model' and has the form of a web site. It is about the meaning of credible knowledge and digital transformation in an industry that became "digitally affected" when Google and Wikipedia became big.

I have also, beside my present companies, owned and run an architectural company (a non-profit foundation), a company in /digital/ image processing (about 30 employees) and a water purification (great environmental interest) company. I frequently write reports in English. I speak French, Danish and German. Great interest in IT, and have programmed large parts of my several sites.

My motto is
"You should start with yourself, but not stop there".
from 'The Knowledge of Man' by Martin Buber